About Us

Headquartered in Singapore, Willis Design / WT+A Interiors was founded on over 20 years of interior design industry experience. We focus on providing creative designs that our clients can live with.

Throughout every stage of the design and renovation process, our team works laterally with the client to provide them with higher standards of service and support and to ensure we bring their vision to life. We work with a wide range of clients in the commercial, residential and F & B sectors to create spaces that come alive and are as individual as you are.

Here at WT+A, we have made it our mission to always push the limit of creativity and think outside of the box to help our clients transform their house into a home or their business into a place their clients will feel welcome. We listen and respond to our clients' needs and consult with them from beginning till end.

Our clients' satisfaction is our goal and we strive to meet and exceed those expectations with every project we undertake. We promise to deliver exceptional service, detail & workmanship for your renovation works..

The Process

#1 Consult

Allow our creativity to fuel the design process and bring innovation to life. Your inputs will enable a seamless integration between creativity and practicality. Achieving this equilibrium will require deep understanding of your lifestyle and needs.

#2 Design

#3 Plan

#4 Execute

#5 Handover

Once the backbone is established, we will draft a schedule that outlines the renovation timeline. The schedule offers a summary of payment milestones and important dates.

Our Team will oversee your renovation from head to toe and provide constant progress reports. Quality and workmanship are important to us and this is crucial in creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional outcome.

Voila! Your dream is now reality. Relax and enjoy your new home.

Throw us your ideas! Our Team will translate them into tangible forms that serves a purpose. With focus on your requirements, we will draft a proposal and quote based on your vision.